Silicone Battery levitra prospect


  • Storage capacity as high as 1.75 times of international standards;
  • They exceed the international recharge acceptance capacity standards by 2.68 times.
  • Have a high current recharge (0.8°C – 1.0°C);
  • Have a high current discharge resulting in a battery that can be discharged at 30C within 8 seconds with no damage to the battery;
  • Working temperature range (-50°C to +70°C);
  • Long life span under normal working conditions;
  • Low self-discharge: Full charge can be maintained for a year when stored at normal temperatures.
  • No recharge memory;
  • No acid mist emission when charging or discharging;
  • No pollution from the electrolyte;
  • The cycling charge life is as long as 10 years;
  • Over 400 times of full recharging (normal acid battery is 200 times);
  • Functions normally at 6,000 meters beneath the sea;
  • Environmentally Friendly: the electrolyte can be used as fertilizer and the rest recycled;
  • Maintenance Free.

Lead-Acid vs. Silicone Battery

Features Lead-Acid Batteries SolarLine Silicone Batteries Results
Energy/Unit Weight 29 WH/KG 45 WH/KG Higher Capacity
Charging Cycles exercise after cialis

280 400 Higher Charging Cycles
Degree of Sealing Sealed (with a
pressure relief valve)
Tightly Sealed Acid mist/maintenance
free and safe
Electrolyte Sulfuric Acid Silicate Compunds Pollution Free and
Environmentally Friendly
Regular Charging Time 4-8 HR 2-4 HR Shorter charging time
Rapid Charging 2-3 HR .5 HR Much shorter charging time
Internal Resistance >0.5 micro Ohm <0.05 micr Ohm 10 times less when fully charged;
20 times less when fully discharged
Self Charging Rate ≤ 15% per month ≤ 10% per 2 years Significantly lower self discharging
rate over long period of time
High current output 3-7 c 10-19 c 2.5 – 3 times better
Lowest End-point Voltage
After Discharging
1.8 V 1.2-1.8 V 0.2-0.6 V
Memory Effect from
Charging or Discharging
Memory effect at
low voltage zone
No memory effect No memory effect extends
the service life of the battery
Recovery After Discharge Relatively poor Particularly strong Results
Storage Time
Without Charging
3-6 months 1-2years Much longer storage time with
minimal discharing conditions
Low Temperature Performance Output drops dramatically
below 0ºC
Functions normally
at -40ºC
Functions normally at
extreme conditions: -40ºC to + 70ºC
Highest Charging
Current Available
1.0 c 2.5 c 2.5 times higher
Service Life 2 years 5-10 years Longer service life with
lower maintenance costs
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