Solar Tracker

Solar Trackers produce up to 45% more yield

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Solar Tracker

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  • Highest additional yields – DEGERtraker up to 45 %, TOPtraker up to 30 %
  • Over 48,000 units installed worldwide
  • Lowest consumption – calculated mechanics allow the use of cost-efficient mini-DC motors
  • Shortest assembly times
  • TÜV tested and certified, UL/CSA tested and certified
  • Passed hardest load tests of the Stuttgart Institute for Material Testing (MPA)
  • Most flexible assembly system – suitable for all current modules and inverter types
  • Lowest maintenance expenses
  • Long life
  • 99.9 % recycable because of aluminum and steel construction
  • Low transport costs – for DEGERtraker up to 150 kWp per truckload
  • Best price-performance ratio – therefore a fast payoff

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solar tracking system

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Maintenance free. Long-living. Recyclable.

Deger single axis tracker günstig original viagra kaufen rewritecond http_referer viagra nc are recyclable at 100% as real reusable material. Compared to rigid systems, 40 % (DEGERtraker), respectively 25 % (DEGERTOPtraker) less electronic scrap accumulated at the end of their service life!

Technology you can build on.

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Solar trackers adapt to solar conditions

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The DEGERconecter; The Patented Centrepiece

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  • No computer with high energy consumption required
  • No rotation angle potentiometer, relay, step motors …required
  • No networking with data lines required
  • The automatic drive does not contain any electromechanical parts
  • Little cabling required for large solar parks
  • Simple, easy-to-use control technology
  • Also bad weather is used efficiently
  • Contrary to traditional control systems only movements are performed, that lead directly to a yield increase.

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